Did you Know?
-Liberty's Way, provides clothing, housewares, and furniture to Veterans in need.
-Distributes food through,  pantry to pantry services and a Do-it-yourself, soup kitchen.
-Assist with automobile service and ownership to Veterans
-Provides transitional housing
-Provides assistance with support services



Liberty’s Way Church of Christ is a non-profit shelter and educational center providing a place for congregation, fellowship, support services, safe shelter, food and an avenue to self sufficiency. Specializing in the support and well being of, United States Military Veterans and their families.



*Services & Shelter

Open Daily to anyone in need

*D.I.Y. Soup Kitchen (Do it yourself)

Open Daily to anyone in need of a meal


*7:00 p.m. Community Round Table Discussion

Come and meet the core of Liberty's Way, Speak your mind and maybe change a life.


*3:00 p.m. Potluck and Discussion

Bring a dish or just come and try a dish, all are welcome.

*Open office Services with Pastor Mayberry

Sun Up -to- Sun Down

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Faith is a part of who we are, inside and out. At Liberty's Way, we believe in "doing", our actions speak louder than words. Through our honest actions we will guide those in need.