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Our Purpose

Serving One greater than self by witnessing through our honest actions to all people based on the principles of Christianity;

Providing a sanctuary free from judgment, open to all faiths and believers of the Creator, Laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God;

Developing an atmosphere which promotes open communication through teamwork, leadership and stewardship among all members;

Promoting a church family atmosphere through love and support in times of joy and sorrow;

Spreading the Way so that people may live in the Word of The Way or the “Creator”;

Nurturing spiritual growth through discussion and relationship, life education and fellowship;

Providing outreach in our community, region and the world;

Providing a place for congregation, fellowship, support services, safe shelter, food and an avenue to self-sufficiency;

Specializing in the support and well-being of United States Military Veterans and their families, and;

To conduct any other activity allowable by corporations organized and operated as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Did you Know?

Veteran Homelessness: It is possible that currently over 72,000 Veterans may be homeless each evening. The U.S. Department of HUD estimates an unknown number of Veterans are homeless on any given night. In 2014 they reported more than 49,000 each night and they claimed Veteran Homelessness was in decline. This, based on the previous poll from 2010.
     Many communities are pushing to end this, We are a non-profit organization with a mission of showing our Veterans how truly grateful we are for their sacrifice and service. We provide a place for congregation and fellowship, as well as shelter and sustenance in their times of need.

Church of Christ

shelter and Veteran outreach center

Apply the Way to your daily life.